Palestinians stand up against settlers to protect Israeli policewoman

Palestinians stand up against settlers to protect Israeli policewoman
A picture captured by a photographer shows the moment two Palestinian men create a shield for an Israeli officer caught in between stone-throwing violence.
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07 Aug, 2015
Caught up in settler violence [Picture: Shaul Golan]

They say, a picture is worth a thousand words and in the case of photographer Shaul Golan, this could not be more true.

Golan captured the tremendous moment when two Palestinian men shielded an Israeli policewoman who was pelted with rocks being thrown by Israeli settlers.

The policewoman attempted to break up clashes which erupted when a group of Jewish settlers tried to interfere with Palestinian farmers working on their land at Aish Kodesh, an Israeli outpost in the West Bank, part of the Occupied Territory.

Security forces were called to the scene as the violence escalated and the policewoman got caught between the stone-throwing.

Zakaria Sadah, who works for Israeli human rights organisation, Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR), was one of the Palestinian men pictured protecting the security officer.

RHR has for years been protesting against a number of human rights violations and injustices against Palestinian people and works to pressure state institutions to redress these issues.

The image, taken for Israel’s Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, made the rounds on social media earlier this week, sparking up a number of reactions to the incident.