Bank of Israel raises benchmark interest rates to highest level since 2006 due to high inflation, with future rate hikes depending on upcoming economic data, as the shekel weakens and economic growth is expected to slow.
Gulf energy giants collaborate with tech start-ups in pursuit of carbon capture solutions fuelling debate on whether to focus on reducing fossil fuels or carbon emissions.
The World Bank warned of the dangers of Lebanon's cash economy, which has nearly doubled as a result of trust in banks plummeting.
For the second time this year, Saudi Arabia raised billions of dollars from the sale of Islamic bonds.
Turkey's government and corporate bonds and banking stocks saw a second day of selling on Tuesday amid investor expectations that President Erdogan will be able to extend his rule.
Saudi Arabia returns to the debt market for the second time this year, offering six-year and ten-year Islamic bonds.
Egypt desperately needs privatisation proceeds to meet a series of foreign debt obligations over the coming few months.
Sudanese small business owners have been hit hard by ongoing conflict between warring sides.
Extension of the Black Sea Grain Initiative is near completion, says Turkish authorities.
Financial markets are bracing for volatility after the presidential and parliamentary votes on May 14.