Jordan Array
Amman's Prime Minister Bisher Al-Khasawneh said 'Jordan is very grateful for the support, which demonstrates that the United States understands the challenges' the country faces.
Government agencies have two weeks to review the implications of narrowing the subsidies, Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim said.
Yemen Array
The new package by the Abu Dhabi-based fund, which includes countries from the Middle East and North Africa, will provide support for the Yemeni government's efforts to stabilise the economy from 2022 to 2025, Saudi Ekhbaria TV reported.
Egypt's economic prospects are far from stable as currency sinks further against the US Dollar.
Turkey’s central bank cut rates for a fourth consecutive month on Thursday despite soaring inflation.
Pakistan was already battling a full-blown economic crisis, with decades-high inflation and dwindling foreign exchange reserves, when it was hit by floods earlier this year.
Turkey central bank [Getty]
Saudi Arabia might place $5 billion in Turkey's central bank to help its struggling economy.
Mohammed bin Salman, Thailand
Ties between Saudi Arabia and Thailand have thawed with Bangkok's prime minister meeting Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Friday to sign a series of diplomatic agreements.
Elon Musk Twitter
Elon Musk - the new owner of social media giant Twitter - reinstated some previously banned accounts back onto the platform, but did not confirm whether Donald Trump would be able to return.
Libya and Tunisia signed a free trade deal on Wednesday amid economic recession and instability in both countries.