While external debts decrease, internal debt in Iraq surged from 38.3 trillion dinars (US$29.4 billion) in 2019 to 73.2 trillion dinars (US$56.3 billion).
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Egypt has been aggressively pursuing the sale of state assets, primarily to wealthy Gulf nations, to address significant economic challenges.
A poll of 12 analysts had expected Egypt's annual urban consumer price inflation rate to climb to a median 36.3 percent.
McDonald's said the Gaza-Israel war was weighing on its results with sales down in the fourth quarter of last year.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average ended down 1.4 percent at 38,596.98, a drop of about 825 points from its session peak.
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Some Iraqi economists suggest that price hikes and new taxes are due to pressure from international bodies like the World Bank.
IOC Kurdistan
Since 23 March 2023, oil exports from the Kurdistan region through the Iraq-Turkey pipeline have ceased after a ruling in favour of Baghdad by a Paris court.
Saudi Arabia could be the latest entry to the AI industry, with a $40 billion fund to be established for investments in start-ups.
Saudia - AFP
Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund could soon own the kingdom's national carrier, Saudia, in a push to make the country more tourist-friendly.
Microsoft has hired British-Syrian Mustafa Suleyman to head its AI business, cementing his role in the industry.