WHO said that as casualties continue to increase in Gaza because of intensified fighting, 'intense overcrowding and disrupted health, water, and sanitation systems pose an added danger: the rapid spread of infectious diseases'.
Gaza hospital 1.jpg
The Palestinian Authority's health ministry said in a report on Friday that 16 out of 35 hospitals in besieged Gaza had shut down due to Israeli bombing or fuel shortages.
The World Health Organisation has reported that 101 health workers were among the over 4,333 people who had so far been confirmed dead.
Pakistan launched its second nationwide anti-polio campaign of the year to inoculate tens of millions of children.
With the new Covid-19 variant Pirola spreading to at least eight countries, The New Arab looks at whether the variant has yet reached the Middle East and North Africa.
Child receives measles treatment in Al-Bayda, Yemen
Low immunisation rates and rising malnutrition – both exacerbated by the nine years of shattering war in the country – are playing a major role in the apparent rise in measles cases, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) have said.
The WHO on Monday flagged a batch of contaminated common cold syrup in Iraq manufactured by an Indian company.
Cancer patients suffering in northwestern Syria will once again be permitted entry into neighbouring Turkey to receive treatment following a months-long ban.
Algeria has denied reports there were cases of Ebola and Marburg in the North African country.
While Sudan is in desperate need of more doctors, it currently has nowhere to train them.