Friend or foe: Is Egypt an accomplice in the Gaza crisis?

Egypt's inaction over Israeli crimes in Gaza has fuelled accusations of complicity, writes Emad Moussa. But how has Egypt's stance changed through

My father refused to bow to Kais Saied's tyranny in Tunisia

Weighing in on Tunisia's authoritarian slide under Kais Saied, Yusra Ghannouchi reflects on the first anniversary of her father Rached Ghannouchi's

WCK: How Western-vetted aid helps sanitise genocide in Gaza

Two weeks after Israel attacked a WCK convoy, Beauty Dhlamini questions the effectiveness of Western-vetted aid and proves how it helps everyone but

Yitzhak Rabin's doctrine of "break their bones" has become "shoot to maim", writes Burak Elmeli [photo credit: Getty Images]

Israel's deliberate targeting of disabled persons in Gaza is a strategy, with 'bone breaker' Yitzhak Rabin its architect, writes Burak Elmali. 

Cover: From Gaza to Seoul, Palestinian-Korean transnational solidarity against imperialism

As Koreans, our Palestine solidarity is rooted in a shared history of colonisation and occupation. We refuse to be complicit in Israel's crimes

Opinion- Sudan Illustration Khalid Albaih

Through his own life and family history, Khalid Albaih tells the story of generations of survival and displacement in Sudan, and the enduring longing

Opinion - Narrated Ashes of my Home Gaza

After Israeli airstrikes destroyed her family home, Eman Alhaj Ali reflects on the generations of lives, dreams and memories shattered by Israel's war

Opinion - Narrated Gazan Abroad

Far from home, Mohammed Seyam reflects on the horror, helplessness and grief he lives with as he watches Israel's genocidal assault on Gaza.


Arnesa Buljusmic-Kustura reflects on Israel's war on Gaza, the ICJ case, and this historic moment: have we learned from the past or are we doomed to

A single, democratic Palestine is the only solution that guarantees the rights of Palestinians and the safety of the Jewish people, writes Lori Allen [photo credit: Getty Images]

Was another Palestine possible in 1946, two years before the Nakba? The Anglo-American Committee was a missed chance which resonates today, writes

Walid Daqqa

Walid Daqqa yearned for his freedom, to embrace his daughter Milad, and to die at home - but Israel's incomprehensible cruelty denied him that right.

Muslims have been so dehumanised that our death is expected and accepted for the comfort of the Western world, writes Mariya bint Rehan.

Opinion- Texas A&M Qatar

The closure of the university's Qatar campus is part of a campaign by the pro-Israel lobby to discredit Doha's diplomacy on Gaza, writes Marc Owen