Hind's Hall to Mahmoud's Hall: Western academia's Gaza reckoning

By funding and abetting genocide in Gaza, Western academia has the blood of students on its hands, writes Randa Abdel-Fattah. And we will never forget that.

Pakistan cricket's World Cup woes mirror its soap opera politics

Pakistan’s humiliation by the United States in the T20 Cricket World Cup reflects a country bewitched by the abyss, writes Benjamin Ashraf.

Claudia Sheinbaum: A victory for Mexico, the Left, and Palestine

Claudia Sheinbaum's sweeping victory won't bring about reform in Mexico nor change the country's weak position on Palestine, writes Simón Rodríguez Porras.

Are Arab leaders doing enough to combat climate change in MENA?

No Arab country is immune to climate change. With the rising frequency and intensity of climate-related disasters, it's time to act now, writes Moez Abeidi.

EU elections: Why everyone in Germany should vote for MERA25

Parties across Germany's political divide have failed Gaza. That's why MERA25 is the only party worth voting for in the EU elections, writes Timo Al-Farooq.

Why are my Western friends still silent on Gaza?

Gaza has become a taboo subject in the West, with supporters of Palestine either ghosted or forced to lose friends over their stance, writes Layla Maghribi.

Opinion- Sudan Illustration Khalid Albaih

Through his own life and family history, Khalid Albaih tells the story of generations of survival and displacement in Sudan, and the enduring longing for home.

Opinion - Narrated Ashes of my Home Gaza

After Israeli airstrikes destroyed her family home, Eman Alhaj Ali reflects on the generations of lives, dreams and memories shattered by Israel's war.

Opinion - Narrated Gazan Abroad

Far from home, Mohammed Seyam reflects on the horror, helplessness and grief he lives with as he watches Israel's genocidal assault on Gaza.

I witnessed the Nuseirat massacre but Western media doesn't care

The reframing of the Nuseirat massacre in Gaza as an 'Israeli rescue operation' is proof that Western media doesn't care about Gazans, writes Abubaker Abed.

The uprisings in New Caledonia expose Macron’s colonial contradictions

New Caledonia's experience of French settler colonialism mirrors that of Palestine, making Macron's tyranny all the more hypocritical, writes Sania Mahyou.

The financial destruction of Palestine

As Palestine faces fiscal collapse, Raja Khalidi considers how the international community can aid the Palestinian economy as Israel tries to strangle it.

For Bosnians, concentration camps in Gaza brings back nightmares

Israel's torture camps in Gaza draw another parallel with the Bosnian genocide, writes Nidžara Ahmetašević. And like the Bosnians, justice remains elusive.