Nakba yesterday, Nakba today: My grandmother's two keys

Ghefreh has lived through two Nakbas, 1948 and today. Her grandson Emad Moussa tells her story of twinned displacement and how they've now blurred into one.

'Israel of Latin America' Colombia struggles to shed its skin

Colombia has severed ties with Israel, breaking decades of relations and reliance. But, as Simon Rodríguez Porras writes, that may be easier said than done.

Raisi's death: For the regime in Iran, this too shall pass

President Ebrahim Raisi's untimely death has fuelled speculation about Iran's future. But, as Tanya Goudsouzian writes, it's likely to be more of the same.

The students who camped for Palestine

The paranoid backlash to US campus protests is a reminder that direct action works, writes Vijay Prashad. And this time the students won't be deterred.

With €1bn bribe, the EU is rewarding Lebanon's bad behaviour

The manner in which Brussels has meted out €1 billion to Lebanon smacks of opportunism and a reward for flouting reforms, writes Benjamin Fève.

Why are my Western friends still silent on Gaza?

Gaza has become a taboo subject in the West, with supporters of Palestine either ghosted or forced to lose friends over their stance, writes Layla Maghribi.

Opinion- Sudan Illustration Khalid Albaih

Through his own life and family history, Khalid Albaih tells the story of generations of survival and displacement in Sudan, and the enduring longing for home.

Opinion - Narrated Ashes of my Home Gaza

After Israeli airstrikes destroyed her family home, Eman Alhaj Ali reflects on the generations of lives, dreams and memories shattered by Israel's war.

Opinion - Narrated Gazan Abroad

Far from home, Mohammed Seyam reflects on the horror, helplessness and grief he lives with as he watches Israel's genocidal assault on Gaza.

Yuval Noah Harari's odyssey into a parallel Zionist universe

Pseudo-intellectual idol to the masses, Yuval Noah Harari's imaginary Zionism is so far-fetched he may as well be living on another planet, writes Yoav Litvin.

The Israeli ground invasion of Rafah will turn southern Gaza into a death zone, writes Amjad Yaghi [photo credit: Lucie Wimetz/TNA/Getty Images]

Gazan journalist Amjad Yaghi's eye-witness account in Rafah describes the horrors of Israel's ground invasion as Gazans desperately try to flee to safety.

In student Intifada, disobeying for Palestine becomes a duty

The rebellious, borderless, and leaderless student movement for Palestine is capable of evolving into a global student intifada, writes Ayça Çubukçu.

Opinion: Egyptian-American activist Aya Hijazi argues that the campus protests for Gaza are an awakening that could shift the West towards justice in Palestine