By powering Israel's occupation of Palestine and genocide in Gaza, Silicon Valley and Big Tech have transformed into weapons manufacturers, says Eric Sype.

Tank with Israeli flag hit by hammer with ICJ on

The ICJ's ruling on Israel's occupation is clear and lays the foundations for sanctions against Israel as a rogue state, writes Mustafa Barghouti.

Has Houthi-engineered chaos become the new norm in the Red Sea?

As the Houthis and Israel battle in the Red Sea, it's important not to oversimplify issues in a regional war that grows more complex, writes Riad al Khouri.

Kick Israel out of FIFA

FIFA has postponed a decision on banning Israel, shielding them from accountability for war crimes and violations of regulations, writes Richard Medhurst.

No security for Israel without peace

Israel's obstinance has awoken atrocious forces in Zionist politics, unwilling to accept anything but the erasure of Palestine, writes Nikolaos van Dam.

Why are my Western friends still silent on Gaza?

Gaza has become a taboo subject in the West, with supporters of Palestine either ghosted or forced to lose friends over their stance, writes Layla Maghribi.

Opinion- Sudan Illustration Khalid Albaih

Through his own life and family history, Khalid Albaih tells the story of generations of survival and displacement in Sudan, and the enduring longing for home.

Opinion - Narrated Ashes of my Home Gaza

After Israeli airstrikes destroyed her family home, Eman Alhaj Ali reflects on the generations of lives, dreams and memories shattered by Israel's war.


In a world saturated with the optics of terror, words are increasingly detached from meaning. But maybe there's some comfort in that, writes Avik Jain Chatlani.

In the UK, you'll be arrested for a coconut but not for genocide

The UK's absurd criminalisation of 'coconut' is reflective of a state more concerned with policing minorities than ceasing genocide, writes Shareefa Energy.

Liberal Zionism and the woke facade of Israeli genocide

Instead of upholding a left-wing agenda and a critical lens, liberal Zionists are a mouthpiece for Israel's occupation and genocide, writes Yoav Litvin.

Asmaa al-Assad's 'desert rose' facade masks her husband's sins

Bashar al-Assad has finally opened up about his wife Asma's leukaemia, but few Syrian women show sympathy, and even fewer believe her, writes Loubna Mrie.