Israel’s attacks on Farha, a film which depicts the events of the Nakba, highlight its fears over losing control of its victim narrative, writes Randa


Despite Israel's lavish PR campaigns and FIFA's insistence that football is 'apolitical', the outpouring of support for Palestine during the World Cup


Farah Abdessamad celebrates the inclusion of Tunisian Harissa in the UNESCO Heritage list by recounting her personal relationship to it having grown


Young people are at the forefront of the protests in Iran, and they show no signs of stopping despite the regime’s remorseless killing of young people

Algeria femicides

In 2022, some 40 women have been murdered in Algeria. While the constitution claims to protect women against all violence, the Family Code and silence

In Brief

Western media - UK media in particular - has sank to new depths in its unhinged coverage of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, says Hussam Kanafani, with all


As the global cost of living and climate crises continue to exacerbate inequalities, Adele Walton argues that the hierarchical labels like 'first' and


Emad Moussa recounts the tragic legacy set in motion by Arthur Balfour’s declaration, which was made up of only sixty-seven words and granted the


Over 1,500 people in Pakistan and other countries have already paid the price for a worsening climate crisis, but these disasters will continue to