The UK government and media are not holding back in demonising teachers who went on strike over poor working conditions and pay. But amidst state cuts


Abbas-Ali Kadkhodaei argues that the principles of sovereignty and non-interference in internal affairs are some of the most fundamental in


Racist comments by the Tunisian president have sparked outrage and protest across the country, but more priority needs to be given to centring Black

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Fabricated claims by customers looking for a refund compound the exploitation faced by the drivers and couriers often made invisible by these apps and


Algerians targeted by Tebboune’s wave of repression have been fleeing to Tunisia for refuge, but the country’s heavy reliance on the Algerian regime’s

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On 18 February, an Israeli diplomat was ousted from the African Union Summit after member states fought against Israel's observer status in the body


The Tory government has made Brexit Britain a living hell for migrants who reach its shores. The targeting of vulnerable refugees is undermining human


Reflecting on her time in Akka, a supposedly ‘mixed city’ where both Israeli Jews and Palestinians live, Hadar Cohen writes that any notion of


Western media - UK media in particular - has sank to new depths in its unhinged coverage of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, says Hussam Kanafani, with all