Raisi was travelling in an antiquated Bell 212 chopper which crashed, leading to his death [Getty]
Analyst Daniel Haik appeared oblivious to the 'Eli Kouptar' joke which has gained traction on social media, discussing it seriously on live television.
Nicola Coughlan, the current star of Netflix's Bridgerton, is asking viewers to donate to Rafah as the long-anticipated season 3 of the hit show debuts.
Activists on social media have slammed the BBC for focusing on its extensive coverage of Taylor Swift over Israel's war on Gaza and strikes on Iran.
Apple iPhone users Jerusalem Palestine flag emoji prompt
Tech giant Apple came under fire after it was found that its predictive emoji prompts a Palestine flag when users type in 'Jerusalem'
Carlson's interview with Palestinian Reverend Munther Isaac widened a divide within the US political right over support to Israel.
Watermelon Pictures aims to provide a “safe haven for excluded voices striving for creative resistance” and “educate and inspire audiences” to resist injustice.
Miss Universe has denied reports that Saudi Arabia will participate in this year's beauty pageant, citing such claims as 'false and misleading'.
Saudi Flag [Getty]
Saudi Arabia has joined Miss Universe for the first time, with Rumy Alqahtani representing the kingdom in the international beauty pageant.
Saudi Arabia has released its first female humanoid robot - a 25 year-old woman who is trained not to discuss sex or politics.
Willy Wonka Monorail Records
A Glasgow record shop has raised over £2000 for a Palestinian charity from auctioning the discarded props of a disastrous Willy Wonka event that went viral.