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Established in 2022, The New Arab (TNA) Investigative Unit focuses on impactful stories that originate from the MENA/SWANA region and its diasporas, but go beyond their territorial and imagined boundaries, resulting in international reverberations.

Themes include, but are not limited to, corporate and governmental corruption, human and animal rights, environmental damage, organised crime, technological surveillance, arms trade and lobbying.

Contributors are expected to articulate a clear-cut hypothesis and explain how they would corroborate it. Besides being involved in the fact-checking process, the Investigative Unit provides different kinds of support for the development of these projects:

- Access to region and country-specific databases (litigation, company registers, etc.)
- Ad-hoc purchase of high-resolution satellite imagery
- Remuneration for preliminary research that is necessary to structure hypotheses, in addition to remuneration for approved projects, and coverage of expenses
- Support in filing Freedom of Information Requests in the UK, EU, US as well as MENA/SWANA countries
- Support with OSINT investigative work
- Support in creating visual complements such as infographics, graphs, illustrations, etc.
- Legal reviews
- Risk assessments

If you wish to pitch ideas for long-form investigations, please fill in the related forms (available below in English and Arabic), and send them to Head of Investigative Unit Andrea Glioti (



For sensitive leads, encryption is strongly recommended, using the following email address:

In addition to long-form output, The New Arab Investigative Unit also produces shorter 'fact-checkers' that seek to verify the accuracy of news reports.

The cannons mounted on the Israeli corvettes are Italian and, most likely, also the ammunition fired at the Gaza Strip - Altreconomia investigation reveals.
Futura D'Aprile
01 April, 2024

Despite Italy's denials, Altreconomia magazine reveals that value of arms sales to Israel tripled in Dec 2023, if compared with same month in 2022.

Despite Italy's denials, arms sales to Israel continued during the war. Altreconomia magazine reveals exports worth $890,000 in October and November.

Matryoshka illustration

Pro-Kremlin disinformation has been raging online since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. MENA-focused fact-checker outlets are now caught in the crosshairs.

Illustration Biden misinformation

Since Hamas’ October 7 attack, and throughout the Israeli onslaught on Gaza, US President Biden has been spreading false or unverified claims about the war.

Illustration ArmQ files 4

Standoff between hired "provocateurs" and protestors against controversial Armenian Patriarchate deal not an Arab-Armenian brawl as claimed.

Did Ukraine kill Egyptian journalist who 'exposed Zelensky'?

Pro-Russia disinformation network is behind fabricated killing of “journalist” who broke fictitious story on Zelensky villa purchase in Egypt.