About Us

About Us

The New Arab is a fast-growing English-language news and current affairs website bringing you the biggest stories from the Middle East and North Africa and beyond. We provide in-depth and informative coverage, putting forward views and voices that promote a progressive discourse and counter autocratic and sectarian narratives.

We are a progressive, non-partisan news outlet that focuses on issues of democracy, social justice and human rights, especially but not exclusively in Arab states. Our editorial line is independent and objective, although we are clear in our commitment to highlighting and covering issues that affect youth and marginalized segments of society. We believe in the right of all citizens to a free, dignified and just life.

We rely on a network of multinational staff across the world, with a large network of reporters in the MENA region, bringing exclusive coverage and access to stories other outlets do not. Our diverse pool of journalists enables us to provide astute reporting and encourages positive debate on a range of topics including politics, society and culture.


Launched in September 2014, The New Arab is a London-based news website published by UK-based media company Fadaat Media Ltd.

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