The appropriation of symbols of the Black community's fight for racial justice by other movements is not only a misguided attempt at solidarity, it is deeply insensitive to the particularities of the Black struggle, writes Shareefa Energy.
The case of political prisoner Alaa Abdel Fattah reminds us of the burden that Muslim and Arab men face within Western media, as well as the incredible efforts their loved ones make to humanise them in their time of need, writes Hannah al-Khafaji.
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Amidst growing discontent with the Tory government, Labour has a chance of winning the next general election. However, Starmer may need to review his rightward shift and the targeting of left-wing figures within the party, argues Mike Phipps.
Israel's elections in November saw the far-right Religious Zionist Party gain 14 seats; the most it has won in the state’s history. This ongoing slide rightwards is due to deep demographic shifts, argues Honaida Ghanim.
Azzam Al Kassir explains why Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham’s aggressive expansion into the Afrin region in northern Syria will have negative consequences on civil society organisations.
Simón Rodríguez Porras reflects on the history of Lula’s rule, parts of which he says raise serious questions about the future, including his militarisation of slums in Brazil, complicity in the occupation of Haiti, and trade agreement with Israel.
From its violent repression in the lead-up and continued imprisonment of activist Alaa Abdel Fattah, to the summit’s polluting ‘partners’ like Coca-Cola, the Sisi regime is greenwashing its crimes through COP27, writes Joseph Daher.
Despite his Middle Eastern roots, Black Adam is far from an Arab superhero, and remains trapped in a white imagination full of Orientalist tropes, writes Yousef H. Alshammari.
It has been 68 years since Algeria launched its war of independence, and whilst much has changed in the country, the regime’s authoritarian practices have not, explains Dr. Dalia Ghanem who argues that the path to democratisation is still far.
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The emergence of a new armed resistance group in Nablus, the Lions’ Den, marks a revival of the Palestinian anti-colonisation movement by younger generations in which popular support is a vital part of the struggle, writes Abu-Jildeh.