Policies and Standards

Policies and Standards

Fact-Checking Policy

At The New Arab we believe that the facts of every story must be unassailable, and this means rigorously checking that all of our facts are reliably sourced and verified. As such, we rely on reputable news wires and primary sources, and we cross-check facts across multiple independent sources to ensure accuracy of any claim. We do not publish unverified reports as factual and if we judge an unconfirmed report is worth shedding light on we will attempt to verify it with independent sources or report on it with clearly labelled caveats.

Our journalists identify and verify information such as names, titles, claims, factual statements and accounts. They adhere to the highest standards of journalistic integrity and ethics, taking all reasonable measures to ensure that the words they write are an accurate representation of reality. We also adhere to UK media law wherever applicable.

News stories are subject to review by one or more editors. We have a multi-level fact-checking system in place for stories that demand extra care and due diligence. We also fact check commissioned pieces with their authors and independent sources.

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