German lawyers representing Gazan families have filed a criminal complaint against German officials for supplying Israel with weapons that aid and abet genocide
Israel launches attacks on Rafah, the last city at Gaza's southern edge, despite international pleas- including from its main ally Washington.
US President Joe Biden called his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin a "crazy SOB" at a public fundraising event.
Six sources have told news agency Reuters that Iran has provided Russia with a large number of powerful surface-to-surface ballistic missiles.
Republican Congressman Andy Ogles suggested that all Palestinians be killed during a confrontation with protestors demanding a ceasefire in Gaza.
Israel will voluntarily withdraw from the Eurovision Song Contest if it is told to change its song, which makes references to 7 October.
An analysis by two US-based rights groups show that US federal anti-terrorism laws have been shaped for decades by a desire to restrict pro-Palestine activism.
If Israel presses ahead with its ground attack on Rafah, the UK government might be forced to restrict arms exports to Tel Aviv.
Israel intensified its bombardment of Rafah in Gaza's south amid truce talks conducted by the United States, Egypt and Qatar to secure a pause in the war.
The New York congressman's departure from the caucus marks the second split by a member of the group due to Israel since its war on Gaza began last October.