Iran and Cuba have vowed to strengthen their ties in the face of US 'domination'.
The family of one one of three of the Palestinians shot in what the police believe to be a hate crime in Vermon have said that he is paralysed due to the attack.
With Biden's absolute support for Israel proving controversial given the scale of the deaths of innocents in its war on Gaza, Muslim American leaders are campaigning their communities to vote for an alternative to Biden, but it won't be Trump.
Protesters on hunger strike calling for a ceasefire in Gaza hold a vigil in front of the White House. [Brooke Anderson/The New Arab]
"From opposing fascism in WWII to mobilizing against apartheid South Africa and the Contra war, the UAW has consistently stood for justice across the globe."
The Thai Muslim official who negotiated with Hamas gives his opinions on how the group treated his compatriots.
The pontiff, who couldn't attend the UN climate summit in Dubai, issued a statement to call on world leaders to make crucial breakthroughs to save the planet
"The choice presented to the passenger—conceal their identity or face potential removal—reflects a distressing disregard for the fundamental rights of individuals to express their cultural and national identities," their statement reads."
At least 240 Palestinians have been killed since the fighting resumed Friday morning, even as the United States - which has continued to supply Israel with arms for the assault - urged its ally to protect civilians.
A protester was in a critical condition after self-immolating outside the Israeli consulate in Atlanta.
Israel has informed the United Nations that it will not renew the visa of its humanitarian coordinator for the Palestinian territories, Canada's Lynn Hastings, over her stance on Israel's Gaza offensive.