Ethics Policy

Ethics Policy

Our credibility is of the utmost importance to us. We believe that every reader should have full trust in our ability to deliver critical and high-quality journalism.

To ensure this, we make certain that all our journalists and content producers understand and abide by our guidelines and practices. We expect that our staff and editors act and write with a sense of integrity and respect at all times. The New Arab journalists are responsible in their reporting and always strive for accuracy and balance. Upholding the value of fairness in the newsroom means that we seek to avoid loaded phrasing and mischaracterisations of sources.

To guarantee that we remain a dependable source, we collect, update and modify information throughout the life cycle of a story. All articles published on our website constitute original content or are credited to the original source. We take plagiarism very seriously and never deliberately seek to copy the work of others. Quotations are intended to relay the exact words of a source without any alterations.

The New Arab takes all necessary steps to ensure that the information on our website is accurately attributed and hyperlinked where applicable and/or practical. Although we strive to always name our sources, sometimes this is not possible and we recognise the value of anonymous sourcing in protecting sources who may be harmed for sharing sensitive information.

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