The 22-year-old activist shares harrowing experience of imprisonment- including an alleged blackmail by Israeli forces to have her father killed, following her prison release.
Speaking to Andrew Ross at the New York Times’ DealBook Summit, Elon Musk brushed off suggestions that he needed the big brands to return to X for advertising revenue.

Wang Yi
The proposal was laid out in a paper stating China's position on resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict released by the Chinese foreign ministry, and as Beijing took over the rotating presidency of the UN Security Council for November.
The truce in the Gaza war had been due to end at 05:00 GMT on Thursday, but the Israeli army said the 'operational pause' would continue as international mediators negotiate the release of hostages held by Hamas.
Israel has released 20 female Palestinian citizens of Israel as part of its captive exchange deal with Hamas, sparking controversy as most had not even been convicted, and the worrying legal consequences for those freed aren't yet clear.
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The Hamas-Israel prisoner exchange has gathered unprecedented attention to each of its details. All of which are loaded with political, psychological and historical significance and future implications for years to come.
A pregnant Palestinian citizen of Israel and her unborn child were pronounced dead after being stabbed in the city of Lod.
Israel's far-right national security minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir, accused the Israeli government of 'surrender' and called for the resumption of the war against the Gaza Strip.
Saudi Arabia has reportedly expressed readiness to invest in Iran's economy if Shia militant groups backed by Tehran help deescalate regional tensions over Israel's war on Gaza.
Approximately 2,000 are left in Morocco, mainly in Casablanca, making it the largest Jewish community in North Africa.