From Western leaders using the Holocaust to repress Palestine solidarity, to Israel dishonouring its memory by using it to mobilise support for its crimes against Palestinians. The Holocaust has become a tool, not a lesson, writes Avik Jain Chatlani.
Opinion - Narrated Mass Grave Gaza
After a month of Israel's war on Gaza, Ahmed Saleh reflects on seven decades of colonisation and occupation, and mourns his friends taken too soon.
On the 75th anniversary of his village of Tarshiha being occupied by Zionist forces, Mahmoud Hawari recounts the violence used to expel Palestinians & break their resistance. Israel’s attacks on Gaza today are a continuation of this ethnic cleansing.
From Gaza: Noor Swirki recounts the very difficult journey her and her family have taken in a desperate attempt to survive as Israeli airstrikes continue across Gaza.
Opinion- Narrated Egypt Copts
Through an exploration of the uniquely Coptic tradition of the funeral prayer, George Iskander reflects on the significance of death in Egypt's Coptic community to challenge reductionist narratives of victimhood.
Opinion-Artificial Intelligence Arabic
ChatGPT is all the hype these days, but when it comes to Arabic, the chatbot's capabilities are much less impressive. Through a personal interaction, Dima Hamdan reflects on the possibilities and risks of relying on artificial intelligence.
Opinion-Narrated Gaza Travel
Born and raised in Gaza, Mohammed R. Mhawish dreamt of travelling abroad to amplify the struggle and voices of his people internationally. But the outside world was not all that he had hoped for, as aspiration turned into disillusionment.
Opinion - Narrated Tale of Two Marias
On a fateful day in February 2022, Ibrahim al-Marashi found himself praying in two religions for two Marias. In a world where narcissism and conflict cause immeasurable hurt, humanity can triumph over division, he writes.
Narrated: Fear & corruption plague each election in Zimbabwe. This year was no different. Whilst the people expect these systematic failures, it is the growing hopelessness amongst the people that is deeply worrying, writes Beauty Dhlamini.
Do UK counter-terrorism officers really "randomly" pull people up at airports? Writer Tariq Mehmood, also one of the Bradford 12, shares a recent experience at Manchester airport that puts this question under the spotlight.