UN's World Meteorological Organization reported that the Antarctic sea ice fell to its lowest extent on record and the melting of some glaciers was off the charts.
The quake struck at 4:55pm local time, the US Geological Survey said, with Indonesia's geological agency ruling out a tsunami after the epicentre was detected at a depth of 594 kilometres.
Etihad GETTY
Britain's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled that the UAE's flag carrier had failed to back up claims that it was 'taking a louder, bolder approach to sustainable aviation'.
A report by the UK newspaper The Guardian revealed that the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company plans a massive expansion in oil and gas production, even though the country has been chosen to host the UN's COP28 climate summit later this year.
Organisers warned panelists at a climate conference in the UAE to refrain from protesting or criticising the government, sparking concern ahead of the country's hosting of the UN's COP28 summit.
Tunisia water
Tunisian authorities have started cutting off drinking water at night in major cities in a bid to reduce consumption amid a prolonged drought.
UN chief António Guterres
Generations to come will look back on the hottest years of the 2020s as relatively cool, even if planet-warming fossil fuel emissions drop quickly, the UN's climate advisory panel said in a key report.
Many camps in opposition-held parts of northwest Syria have been damaged to heavy rainfall expected to continue until the weekend, where residents live in dire conditions.
Iraqi PM Mohammed Shia al-Sudani said in conference in Basra that the government is working on a wider plan for climate change in the country, which will include promoting renewable energy, new irrigation, water treatment projects, among others.
Gazans are fearing an environmental catastrophe in the besieged enclave as a fire that started in a landfill southeast of Gaza City on Thursday could spread and last for days, officials have warned.