Omani farmers have been finding water underground since ancient times [Getty]
Israeli and pro-Israeli TikTok users have unintentionally made a video of Omani agricultural workers viral, after confusing them for Hamas fighters.
The star of Netflix series The Crown joins a wave of media and entertainment figures who have been outspoken about Israel’s war on Gaza
Activists online said that the likes of Gaza's journalists are more deserving to be named TIME's Person of the year rather than Taylor Swift, given their dedication to reporting despite the life-threatening conditions in the territory.
Heavy metal band Metallica will perform in Saudi Arabia this month for the first time ever.
The singer's concert film will be shown in selected cinemas in Israel despite criticism from fans and activists due to Israel's ongoing war in Gaza, which has killed almost 15,000 Palestinians since 7 October.
Canadian singer Justin Bieber was accused of spreading misinformation online after sharing a pro-Israel post on Instagram which featured an image of destruction in Gaza.
An Israeli rabbi has linked the Morocco earthquake which happened last month to remarks made by the Moroccan king about East Jerusalem being the capital of a Palestinian state.
Tucker Carlson poured copious praise on controversial UAE leader Mohammed bin Zayed [Getty]
Tucker Carlson, a controversial, political commentator best known for his time on Fox News, expressed admiration for UAE leader Mohammed bin Zayed, who has a record of authoritarianism.
Mawlid in Lebanon [Getty]
The Prophet’s Birthday is expected to fall on September 27, but not all Muslims will be celebrating.
After their whirlwind romance found national attention on ITV's This Morning chat show, it has all ended in tears for 80-year-old Iris Jones and her 34-year-old Egyptian husband Mohamed Ibrahim.