turkey bread
The head of the bakers' union in Turkey's Istanbul was arrested after he implied Turks were 'stupid' for consuming too much bread and allegedly insulted President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Former antiquities minister Zahi Hawass said the calls to prayer shouldn't be amplified on microphones to high levels as they disturb tourists.
Tutankhamun mask
National Geographic documentary 'Tut's Toxic Tomb' explores whether science could shed light on the alleged curse, asking whether toxins within the site could play a role.
Salvator Mundi
A British art historian said he was 'willing' to go to Saudi Arabia to inspect the world's most expensive painting, Salvator Mundi - which is shrouded in mystery and controversy.
The world's tallest woman got on her first-ever plane ride with state carrier Turkish Airlines to travel to the United States, where she intends to stay for at least six months.
Iraq's foreign ministry has said it 'will take the appropriate measures' against a diplomat after an image showed he was watching football at the UN General Assembly in New York.
Justin Bieber
Pop star Justin Bieber has cancelled his Asian shows that were meant to take place as part of his 'Justice World Tour' because of a decline in his health after being diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome
Saudi women phones
A doctor in Saudi Arabia has told a television channel that survey results indicate that 92% of Saudi women have watched porn, sparking a furious response in the conservative kingdom.
United Kindom Array
Bidders from around the world held a heated bidding war for the one-of-a-kind model. Diana was frequently photographed driving the car around London.
Chad airline pilot
Two airline pilots that fell asleep at the wheel and missed their landing have been suspended by Ethiopian Airlines.