Which Gaza hospitals have been forced to shut down amid Israel's war?

Which Gaza hospitals have been forced to shut down amid Israel's war?
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03 November, 2023
The Palestinian Authority's health ministry said in a report on Friday that 16 out of 35 hospitals in besieged Gaza had shut down due to Israeli bombing or fuel shortages.
Israel's war on Gaza has not spared the Palestinian enclave's medical system [Getty-file photo]

Israel's devastating war on Gaza has left the strip's medical system in disarray, with hospitals struggling to remain open.

The Palestinian Authority's health ministry on Friday published a report saying 16 out of 35 hospitals in the besieged enclave had shut down due to Israeli bombing or fuel shortages.

They are:

  1. Turkish Friendship Hospital – the only hospital that treats cancer patients in Gaza
  2. Beit Hanoun Hospital
  3. Al-Wafa Hospital for Specialised Surgery and Medical Rehabilitation
  4. Public Aid Hospital
  5. Friends of the Patient Charitable Hospital
  6. Al-Karama Specialist Hospital
  7. Haifa Charitable Hospital
  8. International Eye Hospital
  9. Psychiatric Hospital
  10. Martyr Mohammad al-Durrah Children's Hospital
  11. Hamad Rehabilitation and Prosthetic Hospital
  12. Dar al-Salaam Charitable Hospital
  13. Al-Yemen al-Saeed Hospital
  14. Saint John Eye Hospital
  15. Al-Hayat Specialist Hospital
  16. Yafa Specialised Medical Hospital

The health ministry's report said 51 of 72 primary healthcare centres had also been forced to close down.

It added that 24 hospitals in northern Gaza had been told to evacuate, representing a total capacity of 2,000 beds.

The Palestinian health ministry said 55 percent of health sector partners had suspended operations due to infrastructure damage.

UK-based charity Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) said on social media platform X that Gaza City's al-Shifa Hospital, the largest in the strip, had been forced to shut off most of its power because of a shortage in generator fuel.

"Lights are off on wards and the mortuary power is shut down. Electricity is now only available for essential services including ICUs and operating theatres," the group added.

"MAP calls on political leaders to demand the entry of fuel for hospitals in #Gaza, and to work urgently to establish an immediate ceasefire so aid can be distributed to the more than two million people who desperately need it."

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The Israeli army bombed an ambulance convoy at the entrance to al-Shifa on Friday, killing 13 and injuring 26, the Gazan health ministry said.

The deadly Israeli military campaign against the Gaza Strip has so far killed more than 9,200 people, mostly children and women.

Israel has occupied Palestinian territory, including Gaza, since 1967 and has carried out several assaults on the territory.

The current war began on 7 October, when Hamas and other Palestinian militants began a surprise attack inside Israeli territory that killed over 1,400 people.