Saudi singer Rashed al-Majed mocked for releasing 'pro-MbS summer banger'

Saudi singer Rashed al-Majed mocked for releasing 'pro-MbS summer banger'
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28 Jun, 2019
Rashed al-Majed is being mocked after releasing a cheesy song in support of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
The video has made rounds online [YouTube]
A superstar Saudi singer has released a new pop song in support of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, which is being mocked by man online as a new “summer banger”.

Famous famous for his feel good tunes from the 90s Rashed al-Majed, has taken his talent to sing in support of accused mass murderer and Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman.

The song, titled All of us MbS, starts off with a sombre, romantic melody before a choir starts singing “all of us MbS” in English, using a well-known acronym for bin Salman.

The song then breaks into Arabic where he quite literally sings the Crown Prince’s praises:

“Your vision of development and innovation, allowing the people to persevere. He diversifies the economy and industry and women live with their dignity”, the song lyrics say.

The song started making rounds on social media across the world, mocking al-Majed.

“So... there's an MBS-themed Summer Banger”, one person tweeted.

He was also condemned for the song: “do i have to cancel rashed almajed now?” another wrote.

But this isn’t the first time al-Majed has taken part in cringeworthy pro-Saudi propaganda.

In 2017, a Saudi record label attempted to rile up support for the Riyadh-led boycott of neighbouring Qatar by releasing a "diss track" which al-Majed took part in.

Rotana Group released "Teach Qatar [a lesson]", which features vocals from some of the most popular Saudi artists including Mohammad Abdo and Rabeh Sager.

The song was the latest attempt to discredit Doha amid a diplomatic crisis shaking the Gulf between Qatar and its neighbours.

"Teach Qatar, and those who support Qatar, that our country is patient. But when things become dangerous by God you will see its men take action," the song's lyrics go as a music video shows images of Saudi King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

"We stab in the face not in the back, even when the knot is big we can still unravel it. Twenty years of scheming, treachery and conspiracy we all know the deal," it continues. 

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