Palestinian Authority detain four Nablus brothers in move slammed as 'collective punishment'

Palestinian Authority detain four Nablus brothers in move slammed as 'collective punishment'
Palestinian Authority forces stormed the home of the Saada family on 30 July, arresting four brothers in an unexplained detention.
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31 August, 2023
Mufdi, Munadil, Mujahid and Makeen Saada were detained by Palestinian security services on 30 July [Al-Araby Al-Jadeed/The Saada Family]

The Palestinian Authority's security forces arrested four brothers from a village north of Nablus in the West Bank on 30 July in what critics say is a policy of collective punishment against the Saada family.

Mufdi, 46, Munadil, 44, Mujahid, 42, and Makeen, 32, - all from the same Saada family - were taken from their homes in Asira al-Shamaliya when security services stormed the residential building they lived in. They remain detained until now although the charges against them are unclear.


The raid took place on the same day Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh called on Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to end "security collaboration" with Israel and "political arrests" during a meeting with Palestinian factions in Egypt.

The PA has faced widespread anger from the public and other Palestinian factions at the growing number of "politically-related" detentions.

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Mufdi's wife Badira told The New Arab's sister site Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that when she informed the Palestinian official in charge that her husband was a sports teacher and uninvolved in any political "activity", he replied: "God willing his stay with us won't be for long."

Mufdi and his brothers have remained behind bars since then, after appearing before the Nablus military prosecution on 31 July and their detentions have been repeatedly extended since then. There have also been allegations raised about possible torture in the prison.

The lawyer assigned to the brothers' case informed Badira there are no charges against her husband or two of his brothers - only one has pending charges. 

Yet the lawyer believes the other brothers have been arrested to put additional pressure on him, prompting Badira to question: "Is this a policy of collective punishment against the family?" 

Bail granted – but not implemented

Bail requests for Mujahid and Makeen have been granted with the judge and police giving them the green light, however, Palestinian security services refused to acknowledge the court decision or release them, Badira said.

On 24 August their lawyer appealed against the continued detention of Mujahid, Mufdi and Makeen, but the appeal was refused. 

Badira has reportedly reached out to human rights organisations such as the Independent Commission for Human Rights, but to no avail.

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All four brothers have served time in jail before either in Palestinian or Israeli jails.

Badira said that when Mufdi was imprisoned by Israel, the Palestinian ministry of education paid his full salary with no deductions for his absence from work.

When he has been detained by the Palestinian Authority his wages were cut, even when he presented evidence about his arrest.

This article is based on an article which appeared in our Arabic edition by Samer Khawira on 29 August 2023. To read the original article click here.