France President Macron praises Qatar's efforts to make World Cup 'success'

France President Macron praises Qatar's efforts to make World Cup 'success'
French President Emmanuel Macron said the football World Cup in Qatar 'attests to tangible changes', adding that Doha has 'made remarkable efforts to make the event a success'.
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28 November, 2022
Emmanuel Macron, the French president, tweeted his comments on Saturday [CHRISTOPHE PETIT TESSON/POOL/AFP/Getty-archive]

French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday praised the efforts of World Cup hosts Qatar to "make the event a success".

Macron, in an Arabic-language Twitter thread, noted that the Qatari edition of football's greatest competition was the first to take place in the Arab world.

He said: "In a world facing a series of crises, it is our duty to preserve the spirit of sport because it is a space for peoples to converge around universal values.

"The football World Cup tournament is being held for the first time in the Arab region, and it attests to tangible changes.

"The State of Qatar has made remarkable efforts to make the event a success and is continuing to do so, and it can count our support."

In an English version of the thread, Macron said the World Cup "is a sign of tangible changes underway. Qatar is headed in this direction. It must continue, and it can count on our support".

He made a similar remark in a French-language thread.

Qatar's hosting of the World Cup has seen heavy criticisms made against the Gulf state relating to human rights.

A number of countries and rights groups have accused it of poorly treating workers building facilities for the World Cup and infrastructure.

Doha has hit back at what it says are unfair attacks that fail to recognise the reforms it has made.

Some observers have pointed out the relative lack of criticism raised against Russia when it hosted the tournament in 2018.

Earlier this month, before the World Cup began, the Arab League announced its full support for Qatar as host.

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In the final statement of the League's 31st summit held in Algeria, Arab leaders denounced the "campaign of confusion and scepticism" against Doha.

The World Cup started in Qatar on 20 November and will conclude on 18 December.