Arab League supports Qatar against 'smear campaign' ahead of World Cup

Arab League supports Qatar against 'smear campaign' ahead of World Cup
The Arab League voiced its full support for Qatar after a summit this week, slamming campaigns targeting the Gulf state ahead of the World Cup.
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03 November, 2022
Qatar has faced Western criticism over the issue of workers' rights and restrictions on same-sex relations [Getty/archive]

The Arab League on Wednesday announced its full support for Qatar as host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup amid a wave of false and misleading claims targeting the Gulf state in the run-up to the global tournament.

The World Cup in Qatar will be held from 20 November to 18 December this year. 

In the final statement of the League’s 31st summit held in Algeria, Arab leaders denounced the "campaign of confusion and scepticism" against Qatar.

The heads of state of the 22-member council – with Syria currently suspended – voiced their support for Qatar, adding that they "have full confidence in its ability to organise a distinguished edition of this global event".

They also rejected the "smear campaign" and accusations targeting the Gulf state.

Not all the heads of state were present at the summit for various reasons.


A number of countries and human rights organisations have continued to accuse Qatar of poorly treating the foreign workers who have for years been building the facilities for the World Cup and infrastructure.

Doha has hit back at what it says are unfair attacks that fail to recognise the reforms it has made, and said that everyone - including members of the LGBT community - is welcome at the event.

Last week, Qatar's foreign ministry summoned the German ambassador to Doha and handed him a protest memorandum over Interior Minister Nancy Faeser's comments where she criticised the Gulf state for hosting the football tournament.

It was the first time a foreign ambassador had been summoned over such comments.