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Farrah Koutteineh

Farrah Koutteineh

Farrah Koutteineh is founder of KEY48 - a voluntary collective calling for the immediate right of return of over 7.4 million Palestinian refugees. Koutteineh is also a political activist focusing on intersectional activism including, the Decolonise Palestine movement, indigenous people's rights, anti-establishment movement, women's rights and climate justice.

The London Met police has a long history of institutional failures, from officers’ complicity in rape, to systematic racism and corruption, explains Farrah Koutteineh. They exist to serve and protect the interests of the elite.

23 March, 2023

Palestinian women have served a vital role in the resistance, from fighting the British mandate to Israel’s colonialism, occupation and apartheid. Farrah Koutteineh looks back at their radical history during the First Intifada.

08 March, 2023

Two decades ago today, the people of the world said no to the Iraq invasion. But not even the largest protest in history could stop imperialist powers. We must reflect on this failure and how to build collective power, writes Farrah Koutteineh.

15 February, 2023

Half a decade since British occupying soldiers murdered innocent protesters in Derry, those responsible have evaded accountability in a harrowing reminder of the ongoing violence of British colonisation, writes Farrah Koutteineh.

30 January, 2023

The longstanding solidarity between the Irish and Palestinian people is linked to Britain’s imperialist role in both territories, explains Farrah Koutteineh, who reflects on the many similarities between their experiences of violence and resistance.

06 January, 2023

As pro-Israel stances become tougher to sell, those hoping to silence Palestine solidarity have resorted to enforcing a false 'neutrality' on British schoolchildren, writes Farrah Koutteineh.

30 November, 2022

Farrah Koutteineh explains that Britain has been complicit in the oppression of Palestinians for over a century; from facilitating Israeli colonisation and ethnic cleansing, to arming the state, and even repressing Palestine solidarity in the UK.

31 October, 2022

Farrah Koutteineh explains that Keir Starmer and Liz Truss are two sides of the same coin when it comes to support for Israel to the detriment of Palestinians, a position they reinforced at the recent Labour and Conservative Party conferences.

05 October, 2022

Farrah Koutteineh explains that despite the perception of neutrality, the British monarchy’s long and violent history in Palestine is the reason that Palestinians will not mourn Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

20 September, 2022