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Hadar Cohen

Hadar Cohen

Hadar Cohen is an Arab Jewish multimedia artist, healer and educator based in Los Angeles. She is the founder of Malchut, a mystical school teaching direct experience of God through heart centered spiritual traditions. Hadar is a Jewish mystic who works to build decolonial frameworks for worshiping God. She is an artist weaving the spiritual with the political and her artistic mediums include performance, movement, writing, weaving, sound and ritual. 

Hadar Cohen explains how the Jewish tradition of Baqashot, a devotional music service, survived following the expulsion of Jews from Spain and Portugal, and continued to be practiced amongst communities in Morocco and Syria.

01 February, 2023

Reflecting on her time in Akka, a supposedly ‘mixed city’ where both Israeli Jews and Palestinians live, Hadar Cohen writes that any notion of coexistence without decolonisation will remain a delusion.

23 December, 2022

As Mizrahi Remembrance Month draws to a close, Hadar Cohen reflects on the importance of stories by and about Jewish communities from across the MENA being liberated from the grips of Zionist right-wing propaganda.

29 November, 2022

After Ye's Antisemitic comments, Hadar Cohen warns against the weaponisation of Antisemitism, and argues that the struggles for true liberation for Jews and Palestinians are intertwined.

10 November, 2022

Zionism, Western imperialist divide and conquer strategies, and expulsions by Arab governments played a significant role in the erasure of Jewish history in the Arab world. Hadar Cohen explains why it is important for us to remember and resist this.

30 August, 2022