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Jeanine Hourani

Jeanine Hourani

Jeanine Hourani

Jeanine Hourani is a Palestinian activist, organiser, and storyteller.

The recent attack on academic Lara Sheehi shows the continued silencing of Palestine solidarity in universities. Looking back at global student movements can inspire our fight back against the pro-Israel lobby's smears, writes Jeanine Hourani.

24 January, 2023

Jeanine Hourani recounts her trip to Palestine during Christmas, when she was confronted with Israel’s erasure of Christian Palestinian history. It was also a far cry from the depoliticised nativity stories she was exposed to growing up in Australia.

19 December, 2022

Despite Israel's lavish PR campaigns and FIFA's insistence that football is 'apolitical', the outpouring of support for Palestine during the World Cup from Arab and global fans reaffirms the strength of the cause, writes Jeanine Hourani.

06 December, 2022

Western approaches to mental health have individualised Palestinian trauma and dismissed Israeli violence. We must move beyond this paradigm to recognise the role of colonisation and the liberating power of resistance.

15 July, 2022

In the face of heightened Israeli violence, and when mainstream media refuses to tell the Palestinian story, it becomes our responsibility to elevate content from Palestine in order to mobilise for change, writes Jeanine Hourani.

21 April, 2022

The most profitable crop for illegal Israeli settlements is the date. This Ramadan, the boycott campaign should not just make it difficult for Israel to continue its international exports, it should make it impossible, writes Jeanine Hourani.

07 April, 2022

Palestinians will commemorate the 46th anniversary of Land Day. Whilst this is against a backdrop of further theft and destruction of land by Israel, strength must be drawn from the resistance that has not ceased since 1976, writes Jeanine Hourani.

30 March, 2022

By accepting Israeli state funding, the Sydney Festival is complicit in 'artwashing' Israel's daily violence and dispossession of Palestinians. This is why boycotting the Sydney Festival is necessary, writes Jeanine Hourani. 

31 December, 2021