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Sam Hamad

Sam Hamad


Sam Hamad is a writer and History PhD student at the University of Glasgow, focusing on totalitarian ideologies.

As the Sisi regime rushes to console Israel after the recent border shooting, Sam Hamad argues that the 1979 Camp David normalisation deal wasn't just a betrayal of Palestine but also of the Egyptian people, who remain steadfast in their solidarity.

08 June, 2023

For years, Cairo has intervened in Khartoum's affairs to undermine the democratic transition and secure a military dictatorship, but the shortsighted strategy has failed as chaos and civil war now loom over its southern border, writes Sam Hamad.

03 May, 2023

Threatening lucrative relations with the US and EU, Sisi's strengthening ties with Russia reveal a growing network of authoritarian states that are standing by Putin in his invasion of Ukraine, writes Sam Hamad.

18 April, 2023

The election of a second-generation Pakistani Muslim as First Minister of Scotland is an antidote to the anti-immigrant sentiment across Britain and Europe, writes Sam Hamad, who reflects on his own upbringing as a Scot of a similar background.

04 April, 2023

A media spat last month between Egyptian and Saudi officials hints at deeper frustrations that Riyadh has with the Sisi regime, and may signal an end to the unconditional financing that Cairo has relied on, writes Sam Hamad.

29 March, 2023

Whilst the Syria-Turkey earthquake should have disrupted the growing racism against Syrian refugees in Turkey & led to solidarity amidst a disaster that has already taken 47,000 lives, some have used it to whip up even more hate, writes Sam Hamad.

23 February, 2023

The Tory government has made Brexit Britain a living hell for migrants who reach its shores. The targeting of vulnerable refugees is undermining human rights in the UK and the opposition is allowing it to happen, writes Sam Hamad.

15 February, 2023

Facing its worst financial crisis in modern history, the memories of revolution in Tahrir Square 12 years ago feel far removed from the realities of Egyptians today. The blame, writes Sam Hamad, lies with the Sisi regime.

17 January, 2023

Recent airstrikes in Syria by Russia, Israel and Turkey have not received adequate global attention. Syrians are paying with their lives as each power fights for its particular interests. Silence only adds to this tragedy, writes Sam Hamad.

28 November, 2022

Erdogan's deportation of Syrians is a clear attempt to desperately cling to power in the upcoming elections, and contradicts Turkey's initial support for refugees fleeing war, who now find themselves with no safe alternatives, writes Sam Hamad.

02 November, 2022