Palestinian Ambassador calls out UN’s "double standards"

Palestinian Ambassador calls out UN’s "double standards"


11 October, 2023

"This is not a time for selective humanity. This is not a time for double standards." These are words of Majed Bamya, a UN representative for Palestine, as he gave a speech to the UN General Assembly this week in the wake of the recent escalation of violence in the Gaza Strip. Bamya is the Deputy Permanent Observer of the State of Palestine to the UN.

At the time of writing, Israel has escalated its response to Hamas' surprise attack last weekend with intensified bombing as its fighter jets struck more than 200 targets in Gaza City. Gaza's Hamas-run health ministry said the death toll from Israel's bombardment has reached 1,100, with 5,340 injured. Meanwhile, Israel has confirmed over 1,200 Israeli deaths.

In addition, the only power plant in the Gaza Strip, which is under Israeli bombardment and siege, shut down today after it ran out of fuel and the main exit point for the besieged enclave, the Rafah Crossing which borders North Sinai in Egypt, was bombed. According to the UN, over 260,000 people have been forced to flee their homes in the Gaza Strip since Saturday, Meanwhile, the Israeli military has enforced a complete siege by cutting off water, electricity and food supplies to Palestinians in Gaza - a move that has been criticised a violation of international law.

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