World rejoices as 'hero' Ahed Tamimi is released from prison

World rejoices as 'hero' Ahed Tamimi is released from prison
Ahed Tamimi has returned home after being imprisoned by Israel for eight months, with social media erupting in celebration.
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29 Jul, 2018
Newly-released Ahed Tamimi and her mother kneeling in prayer [Getty]
Ahed Tamimi was released from an Israeli prison on Sunday after spending eight months in detention with social media delighting in the images of the Palestinian icon's journey home.

The teenager was released from prison earlier on Sunday after an eight-month sentence for slapping two Israeli soldiers, an episode captured on video that made her a symbol of resistance for Palestinians.

After being released by the soldiers, Tamimi made brief comments to crowds and journalists who had gathered to congratulate her on her release.

Her father Bassem embraced Tamimi as they walked together along the road, the crowd chanting "we want to live in freedom".

Family members and supporters had also gathered at the checkpoint to greet them, but the military vehicles driving them did not stop there and continued into the West Bank.

Ahed was forced to spend her 17th birthday in captivity.

Despite her ordeal, Israel did not manage to take her signature smile away:

To many, she is Palestine's true leader:

Powerful photographs of Ahed and her family circulated  over the internet:

Despite the joy, Ahed continued to remind us that the fight for freedom is far from over:

"Children shouldn't need to be this resilient"