WhatsApp goes down and causes minor Middle East crisis

WhatsApp goes down and causes minor Middle East crisis
For a few hours, the hugely popular WhatsApp messaging service went down. People in the Middle East turned to Facebook and Twitter to get them through the difficult time.
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04 May, 2017
The panic was thankfully short lived [Getty]
A global outage by messaging service WhatsApp sparked several hours of minor mayhem in the Middle East on Wednesday evening.

For the lonely few hours away from their phones it was a chance to crack jokes on social media about the app that has become deeply ingrained in the lives of millions across the region.

"Whatsapp = Whatsdown" was one commonly shared meme on Facebook and Twitter during the brief blackout which lasted for several hours.

Social media became a platform for frustrated WhatsApp fans in the region to share their horror about the outage.

And most people made the same joke:
And this one:
Some turned to faith to get them through the challenging time:
Others used the chance to reminisce about simpler, care free times:
"Take the battery out and replace it"
Some even found a way of taking a cheeky swipe at regional leaders:
And when it was all over, there was a collective sigh of relief as people got back to messaging their friends:
"Great opportunity to get to know the family"
And then it was back to the drama, once again:

"WhatsApp's back but I don't see any difference and still loner"