Video of tigers frolicking on Dubai beach goes viral

Video of tigers frolicking on Dubai beach goes viral
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10 Oct, 2016
A peculiar video clip showing five tigers playing in waters not far from Dubai's famous Burj al-Arab have emerged on social media over the weekend.
A video clip showing five tigers frolicking on a beach close to Dubai's famous Burj al-Arab hotel has sparked puzzled reactions from observers. 

It remains unclear whether the other-worldly footage which appeared on Emirati social media channels over the weekend was real, and if so, when it was filmed.

Reza Khan, a wildlife specialist at Dubai Zoo, told Gulf News that had no reports about big cats taking a dip in Dubai's waters over the weekend.

While authorities couldn't verify the name of the beach or confirm whether tigers were indeed out in public, he did warn "what happened is a threat to public safety".

Social media users suggested that the tigers may have been filmed on a private beach close to the palaces located on King Salman bn Abdul Aziz al-Saud Street, one of Dubai's most exclusive streets.

Although tigers are listed as endangered species by Dubai and their import to the emirate requires authorisation the emergence of the video is not the first time big cats have been spotted in public in the emirate.

In January, residents contacted authorities to report the presence of a one-year old lion cub in a cage behind a house in the al-Barsha district of the city.

In 2014, a video clip also emerged showing a lion enjoying a casual cruise through the city state in the back of a Nissan SUV.