#Trending: Pro-IS Saudi twins murder their mother

#Trending: Pro-IS Saudi twins murder their mother
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24 Jun, 2016
Two Saudi teenagers were arrested in Riyadh in the early hours of Friday morning after killing their mother and seriously injuring their father and brother, local media reported.
Police arrested the suspected twins in Riyadh's al-Dilam neighbourhood [AFP]

Two Saudi teenagers have attacked their parents at their Riyadh home, killing their mother and seriously injuring their father and younger brother in the early hours of Friday morning local media reported.

The two 18-year-old twins who reportedly have sympathies towards the Islamic State group stabbed their mother to death, and later stabbed their father and younger brother before fleeing the scene according to Saudi Watani news agency.

The suspects were arrested close to dawn in Riyadh's al-Dilam neighbourhood after crashing their getaway car, the official al-Ekhbariya news channel reported.

No official statement has been released regarding the motivation of the attack.

However, some Saudi news outlets reported that the brutal attack took place after the parents regularly criticised IS and described the group as a terrorist organisation.

Meanwhile, Saudi social media users argued that the twins believed their parents were apostates for opposing IS.

They shared details of the gruesome incident and expressed their horror that the suspects could commit such violence against their parents, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

Translation: What Islam, what religion, what sect, and what logic allows what they're doing?
Translation: I wonder how you'll continue living and how you'll sleep tonight after stabbing the people who valued you more than anything in the universe?

In September, two IS sympathisers lured their cousin - a member of the Saudi armed forces - to the desert and shot him dead on the first day of Eid al-Adha, while recording the entire incident.

Security forces aided by aircraft tracked the brothers to a mountainous area.

When asked to surrender, the two men opened fire. Eighteen-year-old Abdul-Aziz Radi Ayash al-Anzi was killed in the ensuing gunfight, and his brother, 21-year-old Saad Radi Ayash al-Anzi was wounded and arrested.