Russian 'war crimes' documented in dystopic drone footage

Russian 'war crimes' documented in dystopic drone footage
A Russian company is documenting Russian war crimes in Syria by shooting chilling drone footage of the onslaught and the apocalyptic scenes of Syria's depopulated cities.
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10 Feb, 2016
An advert for the Russian drone company featured a bombed mosque in Daraa [twitter]
A Russian drone company has been publishing videos of the country's war on Syria set to dramatic orchestral soundtracks.

"Russia works" previously attracted publicity when they shot drone footage of Russia bombing Jobar, a neighbourhood in Damascus.

Russia has continued its onslaught on Syria, displacing and killing thousands, leading to their actions being termed as genocide by the Syrian opposition.

Yet Alexandr Pushin, who runs the company and appears to be currently based in Damascus, feels that this is something to be broadcast.

Now the company has put out a new video documenting what they call Russia's "liberation" of Osman, in Daraa, in South Syria.

The drone footage shows a terrifying dystopic landscape of bombed out buildings and deserted roads.

The main trophy of the campaign appeared to be a bombed out mosque which look pride of place in an advert for Russia Works.

The Russian bombing campaign on Daraa has displaced tens of thousands of people according to a recent statement by the Syrian National Coalition.

Another recently published video showed a deserted apocalyptic Homs, once termed the "capital of the revolution" and attracted some strong reactions on social media.

"Here is Homs, Syria's third largest city, once ancient Emessa. The regime defeated the revolution here and won the city back. Now it looks like what the rest of Syria will look like when Russia, Iran and Assad have finished - ravaged rubble, entirely depopulated," wrote Robin Yassin
While Russia parades the horrifying view of Syria from the air, activists continue to document the effects of hundreds of bombs on the ground.