Politics and garbage: Lebanese troubles trend on Twitter

Politics and garbage: Lebanese troubles trend on Twitter
The Lebanese twitterati took to the social networking site to share their problems with the trending hashtag #WhatAreLebaneseProblems.
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16 Aug, 2017
The garbage crisis in Lebanon lead to street protests [Anadolu]
For many in Lebanon, life in the picturesque Mediterranean country is filled with nothing but problems.

The Lebanese have gone through a political crisis that saw no real government for almost two years, mixed with an ever-present terrorist threat, continued political turbulence and a garbage crisis that saw mountains of reeking waste pile up leading to street protests.

But it seems the election of a president and the return of waste collection was not enough to put smiles on some permanent frowns.

So when the Lebanese twitterati took to social media this week with the hashtag #WhatAreLebaneseProblems, it was inevitable the call quickly went viral.

Here are some of the issues over which people in Lebanon wanted to pour their hearts out.

1. The politicians

[Translation: The old same political elite, that is a group of thieves gripping onto power and leaving the citizen with nothing but problems]

2. The people

[Translation: The Lebanese is all talk and slogans, but as soon as he hears a gunshot he will forget his friend and neighbour to side with his sect and its leader]

3. Public Services

[Translation: Electricity, garbage and traffic!]

[Translation: Electricity, water supply, roads, pollution and hospitals!]

[Translate: Lebanese problems are not that important...It's merely a mix of some electricity problems, slow internet connection, political corruption... Not that important really.]

4. Waste

5. Everything really...

[Translation: Why, what is not a problem in Lebanon?]

[Translation: What else do we have other than problems?]

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