No, Kiki is not riding in the UAE: Authorities ban viral #InMyFeelings challenge

No, Kiki is not riding in the UAE: Authorities ban viral #InMyFeelings challenge
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23 Jul, 2018
The viral dance challenge - started by rapper Drake - has been banned in the UAE, according to authorities.
The viral challenge stems from a new song by Canadian rapper, Drake [Twitter]
Social media users in the UAE could be punished for taking part in a new viral challenge that has taken the online world by storm.

Users who film themselves dancing as their car rolls besides them could be slapped with a Dh2,000 fine ($545), 23 black points on their driving licenses, and have their cars impounded for 60 days, according to a Emirati authorities.

"The law gives police the power to arrest any person who drives their vehicle in a dangerous manner that can endanger the lives of the public," Emirati lawyer Yousuf al-Bahar said in a report by the Arabic online news website

The #InMyFeelings challenge mimics a popular new song by Canadian superstar rapper Drake, who released the video earlier this month.

Residents imitating the viral dance challenge can be charged according to Federal Law No.12 of 1995, in addition to Federal Penal Code No.3 of 1987 for endangering the lives of others.

A police officer "may arrest a motorist for causing injury or death of another, driving in a dangerous manner that endangers the lives of others, or for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and losing control of the vehicle", Bahar added.

The Federal Penal Code stipulates reckless driving can lead to a hefty fine, imprisonment or both.