Myriam Klink's raunchy music video banned by Lebanon

Myriam Klink's raunchy music video banned by Lebanon
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05 Mar, 2017
Model and sometimes singer Myriam Klink has sparked outrage again in her native Lebanon, following a music video that has sparked legal action from the government.
Klink's latest video is not for the fainthearted [screenshot]
Courting controversy is very much part of the game for Lebanese model and sometimes singer Myriam Klink.

But this time Klink might have bitten off more than she can chew with her latest headline grabbing antic.

At first look, her latest video is nothing too out of the ordinary: it shows a scantily-dressed Klink with her flowing blonde hair and Barbie-girl looks, flirting at the camera.

Yet the song's title Fawwatlee Goal ["Score a Goal in Me"] alludes to an innuendo that goes several steps further than the average, steamy Lebanese pop hit.

Klink's moaning at the start, her choice of lyrics, and the general raunchiness of the on-screen play with director Jad Khalifa are also a bit too rich for Lebanon's political establishment.

In a bid to prevent the masses from being exposed to Fawwatlee Goal, Lebanon's Information Minister Melhem Riachy and Justice Minister Salim Jreissati ordered a ban on the song.

The result is that Klink fans in Lebanon could face huge fines for sharing her latest artwork on social media.

"It has been decided to withdraw [the] said video from all types of media outlets, including social media and YouTube," Lebanon's information ministry said on its website. 

"The video... was described as indecent, and any sharing or airing of it was subject to a fine of fifty million Lebanese Liras ($33,000)."

Fawwatlee Goal has shocked many in Lebanon and won the queen of controversy plenty of free publicity.

There are plenty of tongue-in-cheek theories as to why the video was banned. One is that the establishment want revenge for Klink's well-known activism, which led her to stand against political heavyweight Michel Aoun during last year's presidential election. 

Klink lost and Aoun was elected president, but she won the respect of many in the nation for picking up one unlikely vote from a lawmaker.

Still it seems that Klink had the last laugh and achieved her goal with the controversy, as told with a simple, telling tweet by the singer.