Muslim ban protesters hijack @TrumpHotels ‘favourite travel memory’ tweet

Muslim ban protesters hijack @TrumpHotels ‘favourite travel memory’ tweet
A marketing tweet from Donald Trump's hotel chain asking for stories of a "favourite journey" backfired after social media users took the opportunity to protest against the immigration order
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30 Jan, 2017
A tweet from @TrumpHotel backfired spectacularly [Getty]
From protesting in the streets, at airports, outside embassies and government buildings, President Donald Trump is going to find it hard to escape the furore over his immigration and refugee ban.

Now even his hotel chain's Twitter account @TrumpHotels has been embroiled in the protests with social media users hijacking a tweet asking for followers' "favourite travel memories".

Twitter users, including refugees and descendants of immigrants, used the opportunity to tell their stories of how they, their parents or grandparents found sanctuary and built a life in America. 

Others reminisced on how friends and colleagues from one of the seven Muslim-majority countries named in Trump's visa ban once visited them.

While many others simply said their favourite journey was travelling to the Women's March protests last week, which saw millions around the world demonstrate against to Trump's hardline policies.