'Mr President: Our iftar will be in Jerusalem' - Zain's Ramadan ad goes viral

'Mr President: Our iftar will be in Jerusalem' - Zain's Ramadan ad goes viral
Zain's latest Ramadan video, which shows a young boy's message to world leaders, has gone viral.
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17 May, 2018
"Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine" says the boy to Trump [Youtube: Zain]
A Ramadan television advert showing a young boy's message to world leaders has gone viral, as Muslims around the globe welcome the holy month marked by fasting and charity.

The Ramadan video advertisement for Kuwaiti telecommunications giant Zain is entitled "Dear Mr. President" has already hit a million views.

It shows a small boy approaching an actor posing as US President Donald Trump, and wishing him a Happy Ramadan.

He then invites the president over for iftar - the meal Muslims enjoy when they break their fast - at his home, if Trump can find it among the rubble.

The video quickly moves onto the family gathered at the table in what appears to be a Syrian home. An unlikely guest appears, President Vladimir Putin, whose Russian forces are bombarding Syria. The boy's mother returns "with bread, and a broken heart".

The next scene shows boats carrying refugees, capsizing off the shores of Europe, "land of dreams". An actor depicting German Chancellor Angela Merkel then appears to watch the refugees swim to the shore from from sea.

In a clear ode to Aylan Kurdi - the Syrian toddler whose body washed ashore in Turkey in 2015 and broke hearts across the world - the song mentions refugees "without children on the cover of magazines, without children a matter of public opinion".

North Korea's President Kim Jong-un also makes an appearance in the clip as the young boy hides in bed.

"Every time I close my eyes, I hear the bombing, my bed is set alight with flames and smoke," the song goes.

The Rohingya crisis, which saw 700,000 Muslim Rohingya flee to neighbouring Bangladesh, was also mentioned as scenes of refugees are depicted crossing Myanmar.

"Accused of worship, sentenced to extermination. Our tongues silenced for making a faith declaration." 

The clip ends taking us back to the beginning, where the boy is in Trump's office after he invited him for iftar.

"Mr President, our iftar will be in Jerusalem. The capital of Palestine."

It is perhaps the strongest response by any global company to the US decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Next, a blonde Palestinian child who appears similar to Ahed Tamimi soon as she joins the boy as they march towards al-Aqsa Mosque, in Jerusalem.

The last scene shows the young boy and girl, flanked by GCC leaders overlooking the holy al-Aqsa mosque. Zain ends the video saying, "May our fasting, children and nations forever be in the hands of The One who never sleeps."

Actors depicting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and German Chancellor Angela Merkel appear, helping refugees can be seen as boats arrive to Europe's shores.

An actor who appears to be UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres also appears to lend his support to the Rohingya refugees.

It's not the first time the telecommunications giant has used its Ramadan platform to make a political statement.

Last year, Zain released a video depicting the Islamic State group, with a message that we should "worship God with love, not terror".

While the overwhelming responses were positive, some found the ad provocative as it features only western leaders.

"It's as though Bin Salman, Bin Zayed, Sisi and Tamim etc have no role in the state we reached" tweeted one user.