Monster trucks and jetskis: Dealing with floods, Saudi style

Monster trucks and jetskis: Dealing with floods, Saudi style
Wealthy Saudis are widely known for their lavish cars and extravagant lifestyles, so it comes as no surprise to see this Saudi whipping out a jetski during heavy flooding.
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20 Feb, 2017
The young adventurer was spotted in al-Ahsa [Instagram]

For many in rain-prone Britain or flood-risk areas of southern Florida, signs of wet weather trigger an immediate desire to remain indoors where one can hide in the warmth of home. But for those in the desert nation of Saudi Arabia, which has been deluged in days of floods, the rare scene is an opportunity to unleash the jetskis.

Yes, you read that correctly.

While parts of several cities in the Gulf state were underwater, a young man was spotted splashing around an al-Ahsa neighbourhood on a jetski.

The unidentified man, clearly enjoying the floods while many others complained of its inconvenience, was filmed by an Instagram user who was seemingly involved in rescue operations around the flood-hit areas.


Instagram user shadowmanceer, who himself seems to be travelling through the flood using a monstrous 4x4, posted the short clip on his account - where he describes himself as an "adventurous soul" who is "ready to rescue".

Saudi Arabia was hit with a rare storm that caused widespread floods last week, leaving at least one person dead.

The heavy rains lashed the kingdom for several days with roads flooded, cars abandoned, schools forced shut and traffic jams in the capital Riyadh.