How to successfully troll Islamophobes in 2016

How to successfully troll Islamophobes in 2016
Islamophobes protesting against an annual Muslim event in Belgium were joined by an unexpected guest this week – a young Muslim hijabi who decided to troll the group.
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18 May, 2016
Zakia Belkhiri strikes a pose with the anti-Muslim protesters perfectly captured by Jurgen Augusteyns
For thousands of years, racism and xenophobia has been intellectually challenged by activists and academics who strived to knit together arguments against bigots.

But the 21st century, it seems, has a much more modern approach to successfully handling these tense situations.

Cue Zakia Belkhiri, a 22 year old hijab-wearing Muslim from Belgium who decided to respond to Islamophobes in the most perfect way – to strike a pose, of course.

When anti-Muslim "activists" gathered outside the third annual Muslim Expo in Antwerp – an event showcasing Muslim stalls, performances and speakers – Belkhiri decided to cross over the road to respond.

But what weapon did this supposed evil-oppressed-Muslim-monster pull out? None other than a phone.

Described as "heroic" and "brave" the young Belgian was caught taking several selfies with people who clearly weren’t too fond of her or her religion.

With a backdrop full of "No Mosques" and "Stop Islam" signs, unaffected Belkhiri fearlessly raised her phone in one hand while creating a peace sign in the other.

The valiant images, shot by Jurgen Augusteyns, went viral online with hundreds of social media users applauding the young Muslim for her successful trolling.

To summarise the ordeal, a tweet posted by the youngster after her new-found fame online said: "I do not only respect Islam, all religions deserve respect! Jews, Muslims, Christians! We all believe in one God don't we?"