Guess who's back? @Mujtahidd's back, with a new handle

Guess who's back? @Mujtahidd's back, with a new handle
Blog: Saudi Arabian twitterati @Mujtahidd, who tweets about the inner secrets of Riyadh's royal court, is back on Twitter under a new name, @Mujtahiddback, and has already regained most followers.
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05 Oct, 2015
Saudi top tweeter @Mujtahidd reopens his Twitter account [Alaraby_Gulf/Twitter]

@Mujtahidd, Saudi Arabia's top tweeter, who publishes information he says reveals the inner secrets of Saudi Arabia's royal court, is back on Twitter with a new name - after his account was reportedly hacked by Alawja Hackers last Monday.

had 1.82 million followers on Twitter, and takes his name from the Arabic word "Mujtahid," which means either diligent or interpreter of religious law. He has also been nicknamed "the Julian Assange of Saudi Arabia".

His new account, @Mujtahiddback, was able to retrieve 1.43 million followers, and the whistleblower is trying to regain the rest.

After reopening his account, @Mujtahiddback tweeted: "The account was successfully reopened and restoring the original name 'mujtahidd' is under way after it was used by another account, and I'm working on retrieving the rest of the followers."

On 26 April 2015, @Mujtahidd foresaw a major shakeup in the kingdom's royal court three days before it happened, when he tweeted that the heir to the throne was "under pressure from a powerful person to announce he is stepping down in a deal that is being agreed on - instead of being kicked out by royal decree".

On 29 April, Saudi Arabia's King Salman named his new heir to the throne as former interior minister Mohammad bin Nayef, who replaced Muqrin bin Abdalaziz in the order of succession.

also made corruption allegations against members of the Saudi royal court.

He said that he was able to secure the new account "after following advice from the Twitter website".