'Forget studying we'll never find jobs' say Saudi youth

'Forget studying we'll never find jobs' say Saudi youth
A hashtag has been widely shared in Saudi Arabia, after a video went viral showing a teacher telling students they would never find a job, regardless of their abilities.
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18 Oct, 2017
Youth are complaining of joblessness in Saudi Arabia [Getty]

With prospects of employment getting ever dimmer for Saudi youth, many students have taken to social media to express apathy and frustration about their supposed no-existent career prospects.

An Arabic-language hashtag translating to "whether you study or not there are no jobs" is trending in the kingdom, as young Saudis try to add some humour to a dire situation.

The hashtag was sparked by a video of a teacher in Saudi Arabia telling school children that they will never find a job regardless of how hard they study.

The comments reflects the bleak economic situation in Saudi Arabia, which has been a topic of concern among social media users.

Earlier this month, a Saudi put one of his kidneys up for sale on social media for half a million riyals ($133,000), highlighting the economic woes felt by many in the oil-rich kingdom.

Mosleh bin Mohammed, from the coastal city of Jeddah, made the announcement in a video shared widely on Twitter this week.

"I am offering my kidney for sale and I am from a prominent tribe that knows me well," bin Mohammed said.

"People can say whatever they want but I am offering it for 500,000 riyals," he added, before noting his blood type and contact details. 

Saudi Arabia has witnessed a sharp economic decline after oil prices plummeted in 2014. Efforts have been made to diversify the economy and stimulate the private sector but with little success.

Some did not want to be reminded of the situation
Translation: We already know there's no need to tell us all
There were complaints that there is simply nothing to do
While others blamed themselves for being in the situation that they are left to endure