Emirati newlyweds called into police station over 'provocative' wedding video

Emirati newlyweds called into police station over 'provocative' wedding video
The newlyweds were called in by police for 'violating Emirati customs', after they shared a tame wedding video online showing the couple dancing.
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16 May, 2018
Emirati twitter was quick to criticise the couple for their "provocative" wedding video [Instagram]

UAE police called in a newlywed Emirati couple after their wedding video was shared online, sparking outrage in the country.

The video showed the pair romantically dancing and embracing at their wedding sparking on online frenzy from UAE tweeps - and not a happy one.

While it may be hard to imagine that anyone might be offended by the wedding reception scenes, Emiratis called for authorities to take action against the couple after watching the video of the newlyweds in a happy embrace.

Actor Ahmed Khamis and his bride, fellow actress and TV presenter Mashael al-Shehy, tied the knot over the weekend - but many felt their displays of love and celebration were "provocative".

Fujairah police officials called in the couple after an intense online backlash to have a talk with the two over the footage.

"Fujeirah police have called in a groom and his bride following the sharing of videos contradictory to the customs and traditions of the UAE," a tweet by the police authorities said. 

"The commander-in-chief impresses upon members of society the importance of holding onto the teachings of our religion and preserving our values, traditions and social customs."

According to the Gulf-based Sayidaty magazine, a top official "kindly" gave them advice over their actions.

The wedding divided Emiratis on social media.

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Many had a lot to say

"They are public figures and the spotlight is on them - hopefully they would have learnt from their mistakes."

"I wish we had a constitutional law that prevents the sharing of videos that offend the Gulf societal norms and values."

Not everyone agreed with the backlash

"Till now I don't get the backlash! The couple are happy, why ruin their day? Called in front of UAE police – are you guys for real??"

Some twitter users, while against the action, thought the authorities involvement was a step too far.

"Despite their behaviour being stupid, I think people made a bigger deal out of it than necessary and overreacted."

"Even though I'm against their awful action, we should have treated it differently."