Egyptian groom gets shot in genitals by celebratory gunfire

Egyptian groom gets shot in genitals by celebratory gunfire
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10 Nov, 2017
An Egyptian man's stag-do ended in disaster when a friend accidentally shot him in his genitals and fled the scene.
The groom suffered injuries to his testicles, thigh and hand from the shots [AFP]

An Egyptian groom's stag-do celebrations were cut short after he was accidentally shot in the genitals by a friend.

The 28-year-old man, named as Osman al-Saied, was taken to hospital after his friend blasted the celebratory shot toward the groom-to-be.

The friend then fled the scene, however was later apprehended by al-Dohlekiya's police force.

Mr al-Saied suffered serious injuries to his testicles, thigh. It is not known whether he will make a full recovery.

After news of the incident went viral in Egypt, many social media users reacted by condemning the practice of firing celebratory gun shots.

"If you did this while expressing your happiness, what would you have done if you were angry or upset?" wrote one Twitter user. 

"Enough of your regression. Learn from other people's mistakes," said another.

The practice of firing celebratory gunshots is often seen at weddings and other celebrations in parts of the Middle East and Central Asia, however is hugely controversial due to safety concerns.

Last month, another wedding celebration in Egypt's Bani Sueif governorate was ruined when a man was hit in a thigh by a stray bullet fired in celebration.

The man was rished to hospital and police opened an investigation into the shooting.