Dubai Prince flaunts 'gold-leaf burger' escapades on Instagram

Dubai Prince flaunts 'gold-leaf burger' escapades on Instagram
Images of Dubai Crown Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum chowing down on the $63 "Burg Khalifa" appeared on the social media site on Thursday
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03 Mar, 2017
Burgers are popular the world over [Archive/Getty]
Burgers rank among one of the most popular types of food in the world.

However while people across continents like to chow down on the popular fast food staple they often differ over the best condiments, and extras to eat with their patties, or the best meats to form the focal point of their meals.

In Australia beetroots, and slices of pineapple are favoured, while in parts of East Asia including Japan and Vietnam sometimes burger buns are replaced by compressed rice patties, and in certain Chinese provinces even donkey meat is considered a speciality.

But shavings of "24 carat gold leaf"? Well surely not …

… Yet apparently so.

The brainchild of London-based food truck trader "The Roadery" the gold leaf burger additionally includes five layers of wagyu beef, goose liver, black truffle, saffron mayonnaise, and cheese, according to LBCI.

On Thursday an image began to circulate on the popular social media site Instagram showing Dubai Crown Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed Al-Maktoum chowing down on just such a burger at a food festival in Dubai.

It goes by the name of "Burg Khalifa" and comes in at a pretty steep $63.

Al-Maktoum with the "Burg Khalifa" [Instagram]