Corsican nationalists warn IS not to target island

Corsican nationalists warn IS not to target island
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28 Jul, 2016
A Corsican separatist group which once used bombings against the French state has warned 'Islamist radicals' not to target the island or face retribution from the armed organisation.
Corsican militants were viewed as terrorists by French authorities [AFP]
A hardline Corsican separatist group have warned they will retaliate against any attacks on the island by jihadi-inspired militants "without hesitation".

A statement from a radical element of the National Liberation Front of Corsica [FLNC] was sent to Corse-Matin newspaper and comes amid warnings that the Islamic State group might target holidaymakers in Europe.

France has witnessed several IS-inspired attacks in recent weeks, most recently in Nice and Normandy.

It has led to fears on the island which is popular with French holidaymakers that resorts, clubs or markets could be the next targets of the militants.

The FLNC called for the Muslims of Corsica to stand against radicalisation and identify young people at risk of being recruited to extremist cells.

FLNC separatists also put out a call to "conquer IS" and advised France - which the group is trying to win independence from - to end military interventions so conflicts don't "boomerang on its soil".

Corsican nationalists fought a long campaign against French presence on the island using bomb attacks and bank robberies to intimidate opponents.

Earlier this year, the FLNC announced a cessation of their armed struggle against the French authorities, but many refused to lay down their arms.

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