Buying Facebook likes is haram, rules Egypt's Grand Mufti

Buying Facebook likes is haram, rules Egypt's Grand Mufti
Buying Facebook likes is a form of deception and sinful says Egypt's Grand Mufti.
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18 Apr, 2018
Sheikh Shawki Allam says buying likes on Facebook is haram [Getty]
Buying likes on Facebook constitutes a form of deception and people and organisations who do so are committing a sin, Egypt's Grand Mufti Shawki Allam said in his latest fatwa (religious edict).

According to the Mufti, generating fake likes is a form of false advertising, thus fraudulent.

"If Facebook likes are fake, or robotically generated, and real individuals are not behind the accounts, then that would be considered impermissible given that it's a form of fraud," he said in a Facebook post.

Earlier this year, Allam issued a fatwa ruling the trading of Bitcoin as against Islamic Sharia, following an earlier ban on Bitcoin trading issued by the Egyptian government.

He said its risky and unregulated nature could lead to fraudulent transactions.

Allam told Egypt Today that he met with a group of economic experts to reach his final ruling. He clarified his findings on the cryptocurrency, stating that Bitcoin could allow for tax evasion, piracy, money laundering, fraud and corruption, and therefore is forbidden in Islamic (Sharia) Law.

Deception as a mechanism to outlaw

Deception is often used as grounds for Muslim scholars to outlaw objects or actions. Saudi Sheikh Saalih ibn Fowzaan issued a fatwa saying coloured contact lenses are forbidden in Islam because wearers deceive eye colour.

"There is no harm in wearing contact lenses due to necessity; As for other than that, then it is better to leave doing so especially if they are expensive, since this equates to being excessive in [spending one’s wealth] which is prohibited," said the Sheikh.

"In addition to that which exists therein of deceit and covering up the reality because they make the eyes appear in other than their natural state without there being a [Islamically justifiable] need for that.