White Helmet shot by Syrian regime sniper in Daraya

White Helmet shot by Syrian regime sniper in Daraya
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23 August, 2016
A member of Syria's Civil Defence was shot by a sniper in the besieged city of Daraya shortly after the organisation was nominated for a nobel peace prize.
Abu Mohammed brought water to families in besieged Daraya [Facebook/The Syria Campaign]
A member of Syria's Civil Defense was killed earlier this week in the besieged town on Daraya, outside Damascus, according to a Syrian advocacy group.  

Manar Abu Mohammed was reportedly shot in the chest by a regime sniper while bringing water to families in the area.

"Manar was a hero who often found himself in every possible dangerous situation you can imagine," wrote The Syria Campaign on its Facebook page. 

"Whenever or wherever there was a fire because of the napalm attacks or airstrikes in Daraya, you would find Manar working hard and with such bravery. He was known for his courage, good heart and he was loved by the people of Daraya," the group added.

Before joining the White Helmets, Manar delivered water to families throughout the city to earn a living.

"Today we remember a hero. At times like this it is critical that the White Helmets know that they have support from around the world," said the Campaign.  

The White Helmets have recently received the backing of more than 130 international organisations to win the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize.

They have been recognised for saving around 60,000 people facing bombardments by the Syrian regime and Russian war planes since 2013.

The volunteers, who previously worked as bakers, tailors, engineers, pharmacists, painters, carpenters and students have pledged their commitment to the principles of "humanity, solidarity, impartiality" as outlined by the International Civil Defence Organisation.

They have grown from 20 to around 2,900 members but have lost dozens of members during rescues missions.

Khaled Omar Harrah, a White Helmet volunteer who saved a baby after 14 hours of digging through the rubble of a bombed out building, was killed earlier this month in the regime's bombing of Aleppo.

Khaled was one of the earliest volunteers of the White Helmets and since joining has responded to thousands of attacks.