US Republicans 'want to supervise Iran elections'

US Republicans 'want to supervise Iran elections'
Republican members of congress apply for visas to oversee elections in Tehran and to visit nuclear sites.
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05 February, 2016
Relations between the US and Iran have recently warmed [AFP]
Three Republican congressmen have requested to attend and monitor the upcoming Iranian elections, in what analysts have described as a show of "arrogance".

Mike Pompeo, Lee Zeldin and Frank LoBiondo hand-delivered visa applications to the Iranian Interests Section in Washington, along with a personal letter addressed to the Iranian Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in which they said "we look forward to seeing Iranian democracy in action".

The congressmen also want to visit nuclear sites, meet with the country's revolutionary guard and other officials, as well as receive a briefing on Iran's missile tests.

"If Iran is truly a partner in peace, as President Obama and Secretary [of State John] Kerry claim, then Iranian leaders should have no problem granting our visas and arranging the requested agenda," said Pompeo.

The unexpected move by the Republicans boasts hints of provocation.

"The arrogance of the Republicans and many Democrats known no bounds", said Eisa Ali, a British analyst.

"It's important to have monitors at elections in countries with questionable human rights records, like the US. If the conservative factions in Iran wish to monitor the US elections in return, then I think that's a good thing."

President Barack Obama's Democratic Party recently spearheaded am historic deal to lift sanctions on Iran, despite opposition from domestic and foreign rivals.

"It's a good move for Iran's economy and people," argued Ali.

"There are those conservative factions [in Iran] who, like the US Republicans, want to see it fail - but I think it'll hold out."