US military to get bigger as Trump increases spending

US military to get bigger as Trump increases spending
Donald Trump is pushing for a ten percent increase in military spending, as the world's largest military looks set to get even bigger.
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27 February, 2017
Trump is pursuing a 'military first' policy for the US budget [AFP]
US President Donald Trump is looking to ramp up military spending to record levels with a planned $54 billion increase in the armed forces' budget.

Trump said he would he planned a "public safety and national security budget" and he would finance the ten percent increase in military funding by cutting spending in other areas.

"[The budget] will include a historic increase in defence spending to rebuild the depleted military of the United States of America at a time we most need it," said Trump on Monday.

The US defence budget is already by far the largest in the world. Its armed forces receives more funding than the other top ten military spenders combined, including Russia, China, and India.

Now the military will see a handsome ten percent increase in their funds if approved by the Congress.

This will be bad news for other branches of government, particularly foreign assistance and environment agencies.

There will be "a corresponding reduction in non-defence spending by 54 billion", an anonymous official told media, while "most federal agencies will see a reduction as a result".

Trump has made it clear during his election campaign that he would seek a "leaner government" while ramping up military spending.

He also promised to defeat the Islamic State group "within 30 days" and has called on the Pentagon to present a plan on how to achieve this goal.

Military chiefs are due to present the plan to the president today as Iraqi forces press into West Mosul, the largest city under IS control.