UN urges 'everyone' in Lebanon to stop inciting hate against Syrian refugees

UN urges 'everyone' in Lebanon to stop inciting hate against Syrian refugees
The UN has urged 'everyone' in Lebanon to stop inciting xenophobia against Syrian refugees as the government makes plans to deport them
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22 July, 2022
The Lebanese government has recently announced a plan to deport 15,000 refugees per month [Getty]

A senior UN official called on Lebanese citizens to stop fuelling hatred toward Syrian refugees amid Beirut's plan to deport them back to the war-torn country. 

"I call on everyone to refrain from fuelling the media and social media with negative sentiments and hatred, and I count on all to continue to display the spirit of solidarity and mutual respect in these difficult times," Najat Rochdi, UN special coordinator for Lebanon said on Friday.

She was quoted by the United Nations Information Centre as urging Lebanon's government to adhere to its commitment to hosting refugees until it is safe for them to return, a principle embedded in international law.

She added that the UN is committed to supporting the most vulnerable people regardless of their nationality, disability, religion, gender, sexuality, or birthplace.

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The Lebanese government's recently announced plan to deport 15,000 refugees per month to Syria appears set to push more Syrians to make journeys to Europe, at a time when Europe is struggling with millions of Ukrainian refugees fleeing the months-long war in their country.

The Lebanese Army and other security agencies report foil migration attempts off the coast of the northern coasts on a weekly basis.

At least seven migrants drowned following a confrontation between a boat of Lebanese and Syrian migrants and the Lebanese Army in April.