UN source: Yemeni rivals to resume dialogue

UN source: Yemeni rivals to resume dialogue
A high-placed source indicates that rival Yemeni factions are about to announce a return to dialogue in an attempt to resolve the situation in Yemen.
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28 March, 2015
The location of the dialogue has yet to be determined [AFP]

A source close to Jamal Benomar, the UN Special Advisor on Yemen, told al-Araby al-Jadeed than the resumption of dialogue among rival political blocs in Yemen would be announced soon.

The source emphasised two main points; first, the UN will not leave Yemen, and its Special Advisor will remain there, as it strongly believes that the military option will not solve Yemen's problems and that the only way to reach a solution is to resume dialogue. The source then added that over the past two days, Benomar has been making his calls from Sanaa, and today he announced that the Yemeni rivals have initially agreed to resume dialogue.

The second point concerns the location of the dialogue. When asked whether Doha was still the location proposed for the resumption of the dialogue, the source said the location will be announced today or tomorrow after asking Arab participants in the Sharm al-Sheikh Arab Summit, where Benomar and his political advisor Younes Abu Ayoub are headed today, from Sanaa.

Yemeni circles spoke yesterday about the rivals leaning toward the resumption of dialogue. They suggested several locations, including Morocco and Lausanne in Switzerland.

This is an edited translation from out Arabic edition